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Trailrunners exists to strengthen and promote the healthy bloodlines of the Working Labrador Retriever in Canada and the World. Their mission is to produce a superior Labrador, whose purpose is to serve and benefit humankind in the most meaningful ways possible. 


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of Trailrunners dogs and clients

Some of the Jobs Trailrunners Labs are or have been involved in...


Calgary Police services 2017 Calendar in January 2017 features Trailrunners Sully. Sully has done essential police work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and was Western Canada's first Cadaver detection dog. He works to find missing person remains and helps solve crimes by finding the evidence (however gruesome) needed. His age, still in service at 9, shows the excellent health and soundness of Trailrunners Working Labrador Retrievers. His success rate in "finds" shows the excellence in ability bred into these dogs.

Links to Trailrunners Sully in the news:. "CBC News" and "Calgary Herald"


Here are some pictures of Leighton and Winnie. Feel free to follow their journey at "Leighton's Service Dog". Look it up on Facebook.

Trailrunners Oxbow Winnie is the pup in the picture. We worked with this family and the new pup. Winnie receives ongoing training by Trailrunners. And Leighton and her family will be learning lots too! For the time being the pup is staying with them full time to bond with the family before she comes back at 6 months of age for more training. We will connect at the halfway point for some coaching as well.


Trailrunner’s Labradors and trainers have been involved in research under a major medical foundation and University of Calgary research team. This multi-year endeavor saw Trailrunners trainers travel to Japan and England to learn from the best in the world, as well as visits to Trailrunners from overseas trainers and doctors to evaluate and test our dogs. This video clip from a TV show reveals a bit about how the training worked and what the dogs were doing to detect cancer in “patient breath samples.

Video courtesy of Sask-Tel Max TV

Trailrunners Labs as cancer detecting canines >>

Chris and Fran were on a Japanese television program in 2011 about our cancer detecting dog training and association with Japanese trainer and cancer researchers. The dog in the second screenshot (Marine) was actually CLONED! She was such an excellent cancer detection dog they wanted a duplicate !!!! We had the chance to work with her (and "her clone" offspring Esper) who is identical in looks and ability to MARINE!" Later we had the Clone's brother (Cruise) work alongside our dogs in Canada. To learn more about our involvement with cancer detection using Trailrunners Labs, (on another TV show in ENGLISH) see our website It's easy to see why at Trailrunners we have a passion to keep the working dog bloodlines strong. We are no longer involved in the very time intensive work of cancer detecting dogs. In addition to continuing breeding working Labrador Retrievers, we are focusing on other aspects of the working and companion dog world, including the growing field of service dog work.


Here is a video of Trailrunners Kai (one of our pups) who works for Alberta Corrections. She is trained as a drug detection dog. This is her competing in the Canadian Police Canine Association Trials in Calgary Alberta - Sept 2016.



Another Lab in the news... Jake is a Halifax RCMP dog provided by Trailrunners. So long ago already. He's getting old! According to the news article he's become a multi-million dollar dog....

"Police dogs on the front lines of fight against fentanyl"
David Burke · CBC News October 18, 2017

Jake the police dog

Jake is a Labrador retriever and uses his powerful sense of smell to hunt down illegal drugs.
(Robert Short/CBC)


Trailrunners Stella goes into the bush and camps with Tyler and Susan for months at a time!  Here she is examining a duckling to make sure it’s A-OK!



Trailrunners Vico comes to work with Dr. Hayley Biederbeck, daily and is one of the clinic ‘greeter’ dogs. He roams freely in the clinic all day, and is excellent at comforting those who need a hug! He is obsessed with kids and comes running to the door when he hears kids come in. He is also a great ‘trainer’ for puppies who have never been socialized and don’t know how to react to other dogs. He also has excellent dog-sense and knows when he should give dogs space as well. He is an amazing dog and is loved dearly!


Trailrunners working Labradors at work detecting drugs

Trailrunners working labs at work detecting drugsCallie Tech

Follow this link to see Callie and Tech at work in drug detection:


Hedge is now working as a therapy dog visiting patients in Calgary



Before taking on her lifelong hobby of dog training as a business, Fran was a teacher and school administrator within the education system for many years. She was also a “Special Education Specialist”. Trailrunners has trained some dogs for children in families with Autism. While not “registered” service dogs, this is an option for families that for whatever reason cannot access a registered service dog for their Autistic child. We work with the family to provide a suitable dog with training that can help.


Here is Brune’s pup Aero who is now a working dog at a daycare in Calgary. Imagine a working puppy that small! Well, his job is actually to be the family companion dog but his duties will certainly spill over to the kids that come every day for the day home. Here he is having captured his first duck. We don’t know if he will ever get a real duck but by the look on this ducky’s face, that’s probably a good thing for the ducks!


Here is Trailrunners Trigger 2nd, working with Randy (the great shot) making the snow geese fall down so he can bring them back!


Well a great first pheasant hunt for 2016! Brothers Randy and Rick Steciuk and cousins Trailrunners Remi and Trailrunners Breeze endured some harsh conditions of rain and wind ending the afternoon with a successful hunt after the hunters missed some easy shots! The dogs did their job, but the hunters forgot how fast these wiley old birds are, especially in the wind! The drive, stamina, and natural skill these two dogs showed was amazing. Remi is 7 and Breeze is not quite a year old, and the duo made an excellent team, getting the handlers a pheasant limit! A great day, with great company, and great dogs - thanks for your awesome breeding Fran and Chris!

Trailrunners actually started as a breeding and training facility for our hunting Labrador Retrievers. This is where our passion for the “original working bloodlines” of the Labrador Retriever comes from. It is also where the excellence in obedience, and our desire to find many ways for Trailrunners dogs to express their working abilities, has its roots. Trailrunners still trains a select number of dogs for hunting clients each year, these are mostly Trailrunners pups coming back for training, but others are welcome too! See our Hunting dog Days page for more information on this exciting program. We also train our own Trailrunners dogs for CKC sanctioned hunting dog trials, to make sure that any dog we breed as a “working dog” actually has “working titles”, (see our page “pedigrees” where each Trailrunners dog is listed with its titles).


Randy and his son Colton are the proud owners of 2 Fabulous Trailrunners labs. These working dogs spend many hours with this father and son team starting at the beginning of September hunting ducks, later geese, and here they are still hunting in Mid-December for RIngnecks! Way to go guys. If you go to our “What’s happening at Trailrunners” and scroll back there are a number of posts or Randy and Colton on other hunts as well.

Trailrunners Jetta - the reading buddy dog



Jobs that Working Labs can do

Kai - the corrections dogWhat is a working Lab?

Well, it can be anything from a bomb detection dog to a hunting dog, a therapy dog or a companion/pet. They all have a job to do, and our goal at Trailrunners is to breed dogs that can do their jobs well, and to match them with owners that will provide them with excellent care and opportunities to reach their full potential.

There are many types of work that Labradors and other detection dogs are doing in the world today. Trailrunners Working Labrador Retrievers are presently doing many of the following jobs:

  • Gun dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Working dogs
  • Detection dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Search and Rescue Dogs
  • Autism dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Mould Detection dogs
  • Cancer dogs
  • Cadaver dogs
  • Accelerant dogs
  • Explosives dogs
  • Bomb dogs
  • Arson dogs
  • Bedbug dogs
  • Drug dogs
  • Japan Cancer Detection dogs

Trailrunners Nikita is a Search and Rescue Dog in EdmontonTrailrunners goal in breeding working Labs is to produce individual dogs whose very existence makes the world a better place to live in for the well-being of all. Our dogs are specifically bred to be physically, emotionally and mentally sound. Trailrunners Labs come with health guarantees. The parents of the pups we breed are all titled and certified in areas from CKC Obedience Trials, CKC Hunt Tests, as well as some Certified Therapy Dogs. We won't breed a dog that cannot demonstrate in this way it's workability and attitude to learn and perform. The pups we sell are pre trained and socialized, the adult dogs we sell are trained for specific purposes and are all excellent in obedience. We also believe that optimum nutrition in a raw form OVER GENERATIONS is one of the greatest keys in breeding dogs of excellence.

Below are some of the ways that Trailrunners Labradors have become useful canine citizens:

  • Search and Rescue: Searching for clues that will lead to lost people.
    Trailrunners Chinook Lady Lexi is a tracking dog in Calgary.
    (Amo's pup, Brumby's sister)


  • Therapy: institutional, or home environment for emotional comfort
    Trailrunners Timely Tiersa, Trailrunners Birdy Brune, Trailrunners Autumn Gale, are Certified Therapy Dogs. In the picture is Tiersa.


  • Detection: Drugs, bombs, arson, mold and mildew, human scent, cadaver, bed bugs,  and others. Trailrunners dogs are doing professional detection work in some of these areas across Canada.


  • Service dogs: Helping people with special needs. Example, blindness, hearing impairment, wheelchair, those with seizures, Autism, etc.
    Trailrunners Autumn Gale became a Service Dog at 15 months. She is pictured at the Saskatoon Airport.


  • Environmental: many Trailrunners Retrievers are at work retrieving wounded or dead wildlife for hunters and outfitters,birds that at times would otherwise be too difficult to retrieve and would go to waste.

    Trained dogs also assist conservation officer to find spent shells from poachers,

    Other trained dogs can detect major or minor natural gas leaks even in remote areas where the pipelines are buried deep in the ground, even in the winter with frozen ground.

  • Sport: Field Trial competition, Hunt Test, Working Certificates, Obedience Trials or just going out hunting with the dog to bring back all the birds and to enjoy its company.

    - "Purdy" retreiving a bird.

  • Companion: Even what we call a "pet dog" is really a working dog, because that is it's career, if we have given it the job of "our pet", and we hope/expect our pet to do its job well. As a friend to all, and often as a "family member", the "working pet dog" helps to strengthen the family unit, to bring new friends together through clubs, sports, and associations, and to be a friend when one is all alone.

    Maggie's son Jamie, a Fox Red Labrador, in Austria with his owner


  • Recreation: Agility, Sled dogs, skijoring (pulling on skiis), frisbee ball, walks and hikes, swimming, etc.

    Trailrunners Sargent Pepper (son of Jetty and Bo) Skijoring near Prince Albert SK


  • Education: 4H canine clubs, canine reading buddy for kids in school



  • MAN'S / WOMAN'S / CHILD'S BEST FRIEND - A true "working dog" will carry out it's duties in one or more of the categories above, with an absense of genetic health issues or behaviour problems. However, to do this well even the most carefully bred working dogs must be maintained through proper nutrition, exercise, proper training, focused attention / praise, and regular health care.
    "Man's best Friend" is really depending on us to make it all it can be for us.


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