Trailrunners Training Center - Testimonials

What kinds of issues do dogs have before coming to Trailrunners?? Click here for some CRAZY issues lists that come with some of the dogs before training! >> Bad dogs turned good.

Below are just a few testimonials about the many dogs that have been trained at Trailrunners.

Here is a glimpse into some of our behaviour rehab training at Trailrunners…

We trained (rehabilitated) “Wild” Rozy (street dog rescued from Greece) for Alexandra. The dog had approached her at a loved one’s funeral graveside service In Greece. She brought Rozy home to Canada.

"Hey Fran and Chris, Here's some updates. I recently travelled to the Turks and Caicos with Rozy and business and for some kite surfing fun. She did incredible, had her off leash on the beaches most of the time. She is doing really well. I hope you guys are too! I will continue to recommend your school to my friends. I'll be in touch. I hope you are both doing well!" -- Alex

For the Morrison family, Trailrunners provided 'Steve' as a puppy, and later Steve had another visit here for training.

Hi Fran,

We wanted to thank you so much for the work that you did with Steve. We are so proud of him and love to take him places and show him off how good he is.

Every where we go be it Grey Cup Football party, Family get togethers, Christmas with 40 people to our house, dog parks, and even just walking around our neighbourhood. He is just perfect and everyone always says “He is such a good dog!” “I wish my dog is as well behaved as your dog!” I can go on and on with the complements that we have received about him.

I have even taken him to work with me and he just laid by my desk perfectly. We keep him super busy and I cant believe how much he has improved our family time together. The kids absolutely love him and he loves them back.

Steve a specially loves my daughter as I think it is because she is the one that brushes him. Then for my son him and Steve are still great buds but Jevin has learned to be the leader and Steve likes it better that way as well. Then for my wife she now takes Steve for walks and isn’t getting her arm pulled off. For me he is great and a welcomed running and hiking buddy.

I wanted to let you know that you have picked out the perfect dog for out very active family, but also a family that loves to kick back and relax after a busy day, and Steve fits that role perfect. I have also attached some pictures of him. Thanks again Steve is absolutely fantastic.

-- Don Morrison

"We had an absolutely wonderful training weekend with Fran and Chris . It is such a great experience to be able to learn what Trailrunners BOH our dog had been taught and be able to have the confidence to work with him moving forward. We stayed onsite at their at their 2nd farm, everything is at their facility and is top notch and very professionally administered. Fran and Chris you have an amazing business that is completely unique and very welcoming thank you for all your hospitality we will be coming back to see you to further progress both BOH and ourselves in the near future." -- "Steve and Jacquie Shore" Hitmen Canada TV

Good day Fran, Our family has made it's last move from Prince Rupert to Campbell River where we have retired. Here are a couple of pictures from Hunter's last hunting trip in Beaverlodge, Ab. Sept 2016. He is still in great shape and his drive for hunting is out of this world. Almost 8 now he is starting to turn white in his face but that doesn't slow him down one bit. He is my best friend, companion, and an awesome hunting partner. Take care. Jamie & Anne

Hi Fran, I would like to update you that Duke is still doing great. He loves the treadmill and is a very easy to have around wherever we go. It is amazing to walk him around town without a leash and have people stop and watch that such a big dog can be so well behaved and able to be off leash. >> Click Here to see the crazy issue list that came with Duke before training.


Well Fran the true test. We took Zanna to the drag races. She passed with flying colours. Even had some kids pet her. Got a bit excited but not too bad. People were coming up to talk to her and pet her hammer head. She did marvellous. All thanks to you and your staff. THANK YOU. >> Click Here to see the crazy issue list that came with Zanna before training.

"Hi Trailrunners, Berlin is doing great. She went shopping in pet store and did excellent. When in her place she tries to crawl without being noticed. Makes me laugh but I command her back. Gets along great with the old dog at home. Play and walk together which never happened before. She is great and I thank you very much."

Dear Fran and Staff at Trailrunners. I want to thank-you again for all of the hard work you did with Sophie and me. Your dedication and love for animals is very apparent! Sophie and I have been doing well since we got home. I have been working hard to become a stronger leader and Sophie is much more relaxed and responsive. We’ve been out on many off leash walks and it’s so much fun to watch her be able to run and be a dog! Sophie is a much quieter dog in the house and when travelling in the car. She responds to the “quiet” cue quickly on most occasions, which is great! In the morning, Sophie stays on her place without any difficulty and does not come running at me at all. Heeling beside me. Again, wow! I am very impressed with how well Sophie walks now. What a pleasure to be able to take her out for a walk now! -- Carrie and Sophie

Here is Sadie relaxing with our daughter Katie. This calm pose would not have been possible before her Trailrunners training; Sadie would have been nipping and jumping on Katie. Now she is well-behaved and our daughter is thrilled to have an obedient dog! Our Lab was 9 months old when we sent her to Trailrunners for obedience training. Sadie's worst issues were lunging/pulling when we walked her, jumping up at people, and nipping/chewing on our clothes. She was at Chris & Fran's facility for 37 days, and the training was extremely successful. Our dog is now very obedient when taken for a walk, heeling at my side on or off leash. Before training, Sadie would go wherever she wanted in the house, jumping up on couches & beds and being a nuisance under the table when we were eating. The concept of PLACE is a wonderful thing that she was taught; there are several dog-beds in our house and porch and Sadie knows that she is to stay on her place when told. In addition to basic obedience (sit, stay, down, heel), she was trained to accept grooming such as brushing & nail trimming. The debriefing with Fran when we went to pick up our dog was very important. There was definitely a new mindset that we had to adopt in regards to our dog. Fran showed us how we were letting Sadie gain points in terms of being the boss; we learned how to give commands and assume the leadership role in our "pack". We are very satisfied with our experience at Trailrunners and would recommend this training facility. If you have any other questions, please ask! -- Lori Urlacher

Benny and Lucy were at Trailrunners for training. After the debriefing the other day we heard ,,, Hi Fran and Phoebe: We arrived home and have successfully navigated our first day and a half with the dogs. Thank you again to all of your staff for the excellent care and training that dogs received and for our training too. We have learned a lot (and continue to learn) about how to be strong leaders for our 'crew'. We will be in touch with future updates. Sincerely, Tanya and John (and Lucy, Benny and Rufus)

Odie and I went for our first big walk of the spring last night, and NO pulling, barking or aggression towards anyone.
He continued to heel and didn't forget his basic commands. It went off without a hitch. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Hi Fran, Chris and everyone at Trailrunners,

I cannot thank you all enough for everything that you taught us both.  The intense training with the excellent, knowledgeable and patient staff at Trailrunners has undoubtedly saved Mia’s life, as we can now be confident that children and other dogs are safe with her in our home since she came home from her training at Trailrunners in June.

Mia is a whole new dog and our house is much happier all around.  She is much more well-adjusted now – she knows where to look for leadership and what is expected of her.  She enjoys being the puppy that makes us all happy.  Her treadmill training is a lifesaver for us all, as she has a great deal more energy than us and than the other dogs in the house - the walk and play that is enough for us is not always enough for Mia.  Especially as the days get colder, shorter and icier and the walks are shortened up.

Mia enjoys her walks now as well as playing in the snow in the backyard and calmly hanging out in the house and we are not always on edge waiting for her to attack the other dogs.  All three of our dogs now enjoy spending time in their places and sleeping or lounging in their own little kennels.

We get compliments on Mia’s manners and the change in her all the time since she came home.  I tell people about the great work done at Trailrunners every time there is opportunity to do so, and I will keep right on spreading the word of the difference you make for the better in the lives of the people and the dogs you work with. 

Thank you,
Val Tienkamp
Swift Current, SK  

Odie was a Miniature Pinscher who was out of control when he came to Trailrunners. He had Separation anxiety and was aggressive to other people. But he has turned around thanks to his training and the care of his owner.

"Hi Fran,

Just wanted to send you an update. It's been three months now that Odie has been home, and I can't thank you enough! He's made leaps and bounds compared to the stress ball he used to be. We are still a work in progress but diligently making sure we keep up on the house rules. He is the best at being off his leash and loves going out to his "Grandma and Grandpas" and running around on their acreage. 

Again, thank you for making our lives a lot easier. 

Here he is, sitting like a gentleman on his place."

-- Jennifer McKenzie

This picture is of Filipp Koniaev and his dog Decl (pronounced Datzul in Russian). Decl is a Russian Doberman Pinscher, (Reg'd name Zoltan) who's father is the top dog in Russia and 5th in Europe show circuit. Decl was at Trailrunners for over a month for Training. Filipp picked him up today and we held an extensive training debriefing for Filipp and Decl.

"Thanks a lot Chris and Fran. Excellent training !!!!! Huge improvement !!!! Big thanks to all the coaches who have worked with my dog." -- Filipp Koniaev 

See Decl's Dad in Russia >> Youtube Video.








Trix is a black Lab Trailrunners pup that he purchased when she was 8 weeks old. He sent her back for training. She was trained in 2013 at Trailrunners after she was gun shy and would not hunt.  Robert called us this fall (2014 and reports he has shot many birds over her and she loves it and retrieves like crazy. He says  “About the hunting dog debriefing weekend, everything was thoroughly explained and well organized.  About the Training Trix received, I was told by multiple hunters that a gun shy dog can’t be fixed, and now my gun shy dog is no longer shy but excited.” 

"Perfect dog in Campbell river.  Bella is an amazing addition to the family. So much fun and so fun to train!" --  The Crydermans.

Note: Dexter is a German shepherd that had some issues

Hi Fran. I want to thank you so much for all the hard work and everything that you did with Dexter. We're doing really well with him with the most part. Dexter is a changed dog and I can't thank you enough friend for you and Chris and Candice and all your staff there all the work that you did with him. Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that everything is going well. Thanks again Fran for everything. I'm very thankful we have had Dexter trained.

Jason and Samantha’s 2 Golden retrievers were more than a handful. They had become so unruly they were almost impossible to walk or let out of the house. After their training at Trailrunners they now “heel off leash” with distractions, heel off leash beside a bike, stay in one place until told to move. They no longer pull (they don’t even need leashes, ) and the best part is that their owners have learned how to handle them excellently (and be their leader) through lots of real world distractions, during their debriefing day when they picked up Jaxx and Mayah at Trailrunners.

If you know someone who is struggling with a love hate relationship with their dog due to behavioural issues, Trailrunners has successfully trained and rehabilitated many aggressive, anxious, or hyperactive dogs for clients all over western Canada.


“Hello Fran and Chris ! Thank -You so much for Training Our Wilson (11 month old great Dane) He is doing Great ! We are so Impressed with our new and improved big Puppy ! He now has such good manners and is a loving, wonderful addition to our family - and also a huge thank -you for teaching us how to be better humans to our puppy ! We can't thank you enough - we are so very very Proud of Wilson ! “ – L.P.







“Hi chris and Fran. Just want to let you know how moose is doing. So far everything is great, he is a pleasure to take with us wherever we go and he had a blast camping with us last weekend. He still likes to test the grounds and still likes to whimper a bit. We are sticking with the program and are seeing the dog we always wanted. We get so many compliments about him when we go out. Words cannot thank you enough for what you've done for us!! THANK YOU!!”

– T.H.





Hi Chris and Fran,
We had our two labs trained by your facilities a few years ago. our dogs were Jake and Anna. The training they received has been so beneficial for us ,and them, making having dogs a complete joy. Now we have a unexpected new addition to the family. A 6 month old yellow lab that was given to us by a friend. We would like to send Charlie to you for training so we were wondering if you will be at the Edmonton Outdoor Show in March? Could we send Charlie back with you?

MaceHappy New Year Fran and Chris!

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are doing great! Mace is growing like crazy and doing awesome! He is an amazing guy now and so much easier to deal with. His personality is really coming out!

A story for you; I took him out to work on his training in the small town I live outside of Fort McKay. It’s a reserve, so having said that many dogs run loose and do their own thing.. So I am walking along and felt like the Pied Piper with 5 other dogs joining us curious about this “strange” dog that is required to do things they have no clue about.

Anyways, I attached a couple recent pictures from the holidays so you can see how he is. I have boasted of your training and have two friends I won’t be surprised if they connect with you!

Take care!
Christine, Mel and Mace

Ultimo is a German Short Haired Pointer that had an extreme separation anxiety problem before he came to Trailrunners. (he had his debriefing and went home about 2 weeks ago.) He would mess in the house regularly though he was not in it long and had been out to the bathroom. His owners were to the point of either getting rid of him (who would want him?) or sending him to Trailrunners for training. We have just gotten this report today,,,

“We now are very consistent and structured with Ultimo and follow what was taught to us. He is a completely different dog and a pleasure to be around. I forgot what is was like to have FUN with your pet.”

We have trained the tiniest of Shihtzu's and Mini Dachshunds to the largest of dogs. We have worked with the most timid of dogs instilling confidence into them, and have rehabilitated the most aggressive dogs that you could imagine. Bird dog training, and other professional dog programs are available, just ask what we can do for you.

We have received many testimonials from satisfied customers for whom we have trained their dogs. The results from even the toughest of behaviour cases have been truly outstanding.

Mayan - anticipationMayan - in her element Fran and Chris,

I can’t believe it has been four years since Mayan has been trained at Trailrunners. As you can remember, Mayan was a high energy young dog when I first brought her to you. She had no previous “bird” experience and was hesitant about the feel of feathers in her mouth. I can honestly say that you would be impressed with the dog she has become. You laid the foundation for Mayan as a field companion and she has been a joy to hunt with over the years. She has become a bit of a goose specialist and does amazingly well on field hunts. She does not back down from retrieving even the largest geese! It’s amazing to see how far she has come – from a dog that was hesitant to put a wing in her mouth, to a dog that is eager to retrieve geese! Mayan is a great companion in the home and in the field, and I just wanted to thank you for laying the foundation that has allowed us to hunt together.

Prince Albert and District Chamber of Commerce


“Thank you to Fran and Trailrunners! My dog Leonitis that you trained for me is still doing awesome!" --
Danica Jessie, Executive Assistant,
Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce.


Fran and Chris,
Just giving you an update on Orion. He is doing amazing as both a hunting partner and a buddy. Last fall I took him pheasant hunting for the the first time and if I didn't know better I would be sure that you bred Lily and D...rake for just that purpose. By the end of the second day he was actually pointing and would look at me disapprovingly if he flushed a hen and I didn't shoot or if we missed a rooster.

This morning I had him out with a friend for a field shoot with a friend. We limited on both ducks and geese with Orion holding like a rock until birds started to fall and then bringing a total of 34 birds back in just over an hour.

He is an amazing waterfowl and pheasant dog as well as a great buddy. I wouldn't change a thing about him.
Thank You. Brendon Smith

Here's Boscoe with Steve & Kristin ready to go home after his training.
Steve said "he's a 180 degree turnaround from what he used to be like" as he was kind of like a bull in a china shop when he arrived for training.
Now after the behaviour rehab training and their debriefing they are ready
to take him home.






Fran and Chris,

I just wanted to touch base with you guys in regards to Daisy and Ella.

They have been adjusting beautifully at home! We have been working with them daily and they are responding great!

Ella has become the most well behaved dog we have ever seen! I have not lost a single shoe! She seems to really enjoy having structure and rules.

Daisy is a little more of a challenge. She is still trying to buck the system a little bit, but over time she is starting to understand. I think she was really hoping to have free reign around here again!

Overall our experience has been wonderful! Our dogs are a joy to have around and we no longer have to put them outside or lock them up when we have company. They sit quietly on their place and wait patiently for attention. They walk around the neighborhood without getting distracted and heel extremely well on their own. Two together is still a bit of a challenge, but we are getting there!

Thank you all so much for helping the dogs to train us to be better owners! Talk to you soon!

Roger and Shanna Lux

Bandit and family - Aug 2009

Zoey and family Sept 2009

How it works is this... The dog comes to stay at Trailrunners Canine Training Center for training. At the end of the program, we will provide you with your dog back, "off leash" and obedient.. your well trained dog will be more confident and happy, know where they fit, and won't have to try to be the 'top dog' any more. On pickup day we spend time teaching you how to keep your dog at it's high level of obedience. The well informed owner is the key to maintaining the well behaved dog once it gets home. For this reason we will not consider training your dog/s unless you are willing to come to this session and work with your dog and our trainers before you take it home. We work with you for as long as it takes on the last day, to get a handle on controlling your own newly trained dog, to keep it that way for the rest of it's life. Trailrunners also provides you with a DVD of your dog/s being trained so that you can have it to watch for a refresher at home any time. People tell us that even their dog likes to watch the DVD, they enjoy the familiar sound of the trainers voice on the TV, and some even obey the commands.

Our biggest delight is knowing that in many of the cases, the training we do saves the dog from having to be put down because of previously unsolveable behavour problems.

If you desire, we can provide you with references from a large and growing pool of satisfied "Trailrunners trained" dog owners

(3 years ago) You trained our very aggressive/bossy cocker spaniel, Chester. He is still doing wonderfully, by the way! Loves everyone, goes everywhere with us, and is a much happier and relaxed little guy :)
-- Theresa B, Manitoba


Hello Fran!
I just wanted to let you and your team know how wonderful Bear is doing now that he is back home with us. He is doing really great and listening to us very well. It is definitely a lot of fun to have him around again. Not only because he's our "baby" but also because he listens. We didn't realize how exhausted we were before the training running back and forth making sure he wasn't getting into things. Now we can enjoy him and do what we need to around the house without worrying.

Thanks again Fran - you are a miracle worker!!! We are so pleased and cannot thank you enough.


Hi there Fran (Willow is a Husky)

Willow is doing really well, she has been testing us since we brought her home on simple things, and of course this we expected. She is a thousand times better, Jaylyns parents couldn't believe the difference in her. My roomates as well are impressed with her new obedience and calmness. Everyone that sees her is impressed just the other day I took her for a walk and a group of 5 ladies with strollers went by, I told willow to sit and stay and she didn't even move toward them when they were trying to give her attention. They all commented on how well behaved she was. I now understand the pride which everyone refers to.

I will update you further as things progress. Thank you again for everything,


Hi Fran,

Just a short note to thank you once again for all you did for King and us of course. Your training is exceptional. We now have the friend we always wanted.

All our friends are amazed at the changes in King. They now can walk into our house and not get barreled over or sniffed in places we won't mention (he he). He listens so well now. We walked him in very busy Surrey BC, no leash. People were watching us & the look on there faces made us so proud, our chests puffed up I'm sure.

As you know we travel all over the country (in a big rig) and meet all sorts out there, people and animals alike. Our King is so well behaved he doesn't "over react" when he comes into contact or spots them a ways away. Gone is the excessive barking, jumping on people, disrespecting us, well misbehaving of any kind.

The raw food diet is working great!! He now has minimal hair loss. His coat is shiny and soft. I certainly believe you when you say diet plays a large role in behavior and manners.

Thank you so much our only regret is we didn't consult you sooner.

Terry & Cara

Beau- A Great Dane -
Obedience trained at Trailunners

Albert, Obedience Trained at Trailrunners,
now lives in South Africa

Molly, a Welsh Terrier,
Obedience Trained at Trailrunners

The Golden Retriever in the picture is Basil.

This was a dog who was fearful and anti-social when he arrived at our training center for behaviour rehabilitation, and we have brought him to a public event at the end of his training to show how far he has come in the 30 days. He never would have been able to do this a month ago!

Basil is a Beautiful Golden Retriever from Prince Albert SK who would not have been able to stay with his family, because he was behaving so badly. The following is from an email they sent after he went home from Trailrunners K9 training Center.....

"Ours is a happier home now that we're all happier because Basil is listening and we're really enjoying him, and I can only imagine how proud and happy he is too because we're so happy with him

Everyone we meet outside remarks on how well behaved he is. I tell them is with the assistance of Trailrunners, we have a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for the feedback and support. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, keep up the good work and all the best to you and your family and Trailrunners.

Obedience Training

We sent our 8 month old bloodhound to Trailrunners for training. Our 85 pound pup learned some essential manners! She also came home a lot healthier, as Fran had introduced us and Bubba to all natural dog food with no grains or chemicals. We have noticed a great improvement in our puppy's ears, eyes and coat. Thanks to everyone at Trailrunners; our hound has a foundation of solid obedience training and good health for us to build upon!

Scott and Shelinda Hill, Nipawin, SK


Nixon is a Rotwieler male from Saskatchewan who was aggressive even with his own family. He was definitely ruling the roost and he growled at just about everyone. After we rehabilitated him and his behaviour at Trailrunners K9 Training Center, , this is the email we got back from his owners...
Well Mr. Nixon is moved back in to his home and doing very well. I cannot believe the change in this guy. He is very easy going and has shown NO signs of aggression at all. I walked him the other day and wouldn't it be we run into three big dogs. Well Nixon took his commands sat there and let them walk by and proceeded to carry on with his walk...he never even looked back at He is amazing, he goes peepee on command and poops in the place and on command that I have shown him. The biggest transition is car riding! I have taken him for rides and he sits in the back seat like a lazy old dog and doesn't react to anyone or anything. He used to have the car rocking from side to side barking and growling at anyone who walked by. I was in a parking lot the other day and left him in there for a few minutes and came out and asked a man that was parked next to him if he had created any kind of fuss. He said he never made a peep. It is truely amazing to see him like this. As far as my son is concerned, he has not growled at him and makes his way to hin to give him a lick on his hand. We let him walk him around the yard to do his job and just simply practice heeling and sitting in order to gain his trust. So far Nixon is okay with him and listens to him:) The biggest problem with Mr. Nixon is sleeping in his place at night. He insists on making his way onto my other son's bed a few times a night. He's very sneeky and does it in such a way that he doesn't wake up. We are working on it and it will get better. I can't believe the job you have done with him, he's a new dog, and a lot less stress to have around. We are very proud of him!! Thanks again Fran and family for believing in Mr. Nixon and giving us back our dog we love so much. Thanks again!!

Ella, a Springer Spaniel,
Obedience Trained at Trailrunners
Champ, The Siberian Husky was loved but was getting very aggressive, even biting his owners. He was going to have to be put down or, be sent to Trailrunners. When he arrived at Trailrunners K9 Training Center (he was not even a year old yet) he snapped and snarled at us like a wild captured wolf, and continued this for a number of days into his training program. After completing his Trailrunners training he now lives in the house and is a pleasure to be around.

Sully is a yellow Lab from Saskatoon SK who had a lot of issues with behaving. After being trained at Trailrunners K9 training Center, this is what we heard back...

Hi Fran,

We had a great ride home. I am so impressed with Sully's good behavior. Now our other dog (Shadow) is the disobedient one! ha ha

Hello Fran,

Just thought I would quickly say Happy New Year to you! Sully is doing fine, nothing major to report on him. He is still listening and being obedient!!


Riley and Reba are two Labs from Saskatoon SK who were driving everyone crazy, jumping on people and running all over the house, After being trained at Trailrunners K9 training Center, we heard this....

Hello Fran
Nice to hear from you as I have been meaning to send you an e-mail. The first couple of days they were pretty excited but have started to settle back in, so I have nothing but great reports on Riley and Reba - they are really working hard at keeping their manners and being good companions. Riley gets a "little" pushy at times and does try to jump up around me especially when I first take him out of the kennel but I do correct him each and every time so that is diminishing somewhat... I will just keep working on this because I know he knows better!!

The other night we were out for a walk and they found a wounded bird. At first I thought Riley had found a stick and in the past, when they found something like a stick, they went wild chasing each other, and not coming when they were called etc. Anyhow, I told Riley "No" and he dropped it.... then as the poor bird started to try getting away, he started after it, and I said Riley here and he came.... it was so cool!! Of course, Reba then started to chase after the bird, and I called her, and she turned and came on a dime....and the bird flew to safety. It was awesome Fran.

Both Riley and Reba are staying in place in the house, with Riley needing a little reminder now and then. I work with them individually everyday on heeling, sitting, down, etc. and that seems to be going very well.

Anyhow, it is really going great and those who knew my puppies before training are really impressed with how well mannered and obedient they are now. We are really enjoying our "new" relationship!! Thanks so much Fran

Now this news on Riley and Reba is from a few weeks later...

I am having a wonderful time with Riley and Reba - they try to push the limits once in awhile, and of course, Riley does it more often than Reba, but for the most part they just want to listen and please...I do have to put Riley back into his kennel as he comes out "crazy" and I just keep putting him back into the kennel until he comes out and sits quietly. I am so very pleased with my dogs...and man, they look absolutely gorgeous. I just can't believe how shiny and glossy their coats are. (from their new diet at Trailrunners)

Would like to wish you, Chris, and your family all the best through the New Year
Thanks Fran

Mya is a hunting dog and pet who was trained at Trailrunners K9 training Center...

Hi Fran,
Mya is doing really well she still listens to the commands, at first I think she was trying to test me but came around when she knew was the boss. Its so nice to have a well obedient dog that listens she goes everywhere with me to stores fishing everywhere I go she goes it great. My family and friends Can't believe how big a difference there is in here. We have been doing retrieves every day water and grass retrieves she does well in both she going further each day now about 20-30 yards out she's doing really well i very impressed. For Grass Retrieves I was thinking about use scents like the duck grouse and pheasant and putting it on the dummies is this a good idea or not does it work you have any other suggestions please let me know once again thanks so much Fran for your hard work and time spent with Mya it truly amazing i will Be sure to send pictures and a story of our first Hunt together.


Hunting dog purchase and Training

My decision to buy a Trailrunners dog, proved to be the best decision I could have made. "Beau" is born to hunt, and "lives" to retrieve. He is a high energy and focused dog. Throw in some "kind" professional training from Fran, and we now have a well disciplined, obedient dog. He is a joy to have in our family. At one year of age, Beau had his first hunting season this fall. Wow! He was a posterdog for how to retrieve, from the very first shot. Fran did an outstanding job in training him. We could not be more satisfied with our choice of a Trailrunners Lab.

Murray, Bindloss Alberta

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