Trailrunners Training Center - Problem dogs and their issues

Below are some of the issues that many dogs have before being trained at Trailrunners.


Duke is a Very large Great Dane cross. As you can see he was most intimidating. Here is his before and after!

Duke has aggression towards some teen boys and men on and off leash (snaps/lunges/bristles), - we've listed some examples below

  • when the boys go to pet him he acts aggressively
  • tied to the truck, aggressive to family member
  • if a familiar family member leaves the room and he's left with only a stranger (growled at the stranger)
  • too much excitement when familiar people come over (jumping on them), but if a stranger comes over aggressive when they first come in the garage (so far he's been fine once they're in the house)
  • in the vehicle he will growl at people who come up to the window that he doesn't recognize
  • in the back yard he barks at people and dogs that walk by or are in the adjoining yard
  • runs up to vehicles, that come in the yard, barking when he's at the farm
  • chases cats (has killed one), chickens and duck

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Here is Zanna's (Bull Terrier) zany BEFORE list,

  • Stairs. Will go up not down
  • Very hyper will not relax unless in crate.
  • Never seen sleep or lie down for more than a few minutes.
  • Bully to all other animals. We have small dogs and cats. Not showing vicious signs but has to be her way.
  • Always stands on and over the little dogs. Almost pins them.
  • If not paying attention to will bark at me and bite at my legs.
  • If I'm not around will go to my husband, if I'm around always in my face.
  • Constant pushing of toys into my face.
  • Won't back down, always having to be doing something with her.
  • Have been giving her rawhide a in the evening just so I can get a break.
  • Still will not come to her name.
  • For house training will go to door sometimes but mostly have to be taken to door.
  • Constantly jumps on table, stove, and all cupboards. Kitchen or bathroom.
  • Will not stay down.
  • Always going after people's feet. Biting them and hurting them.
  • Will retrieve her toys outside. Drops but when you reach to grab it she lunges forward and grabs it.
  • Does not like contact. If she wants affection fine but if not will not come near you or pulls away.
  • Constantly on the move. Very exhausting just watching her. I feel sorry for her. Will not relax.
  • I put her in her crate just so she can rest.
  • Try to keep her off couch, constant on going battle. Runs in circles and jumps back on.
  • Will not take food or objects from hand gently. Always grabs at the them. Usually catching your fingers.
  • If toys go under furniture she is relentless until it gets dug out to the point of dragging furniture across living room.

>> Zana's Training Testimonial


Stringer is a Mastiff who was sent to Trailrunners for training. Here's his wild and wacky issues list. Will update once his training is complete.

Stringer's issues:

  • Does not heed cars (will sometimes try to jump on their hood instead of get out of the way)
  • Intense prey drive (lunges after large mammals (deer) has killed and eaten a cat, lunges after and chases small non-dog mammals)
  • Varying levels of anxiety when we leave ranging from aggressive posturing at the door (has only happened once)
  • marking on walls and doors, eating moulding and trim on doorways when he is locked into a smaller space, destroying cages and kennels to get out, jumping excitedly when we return to the point to that he has hurt himself,
  • extremely clingy behaviours -following us everywhere when we get home and bolting towards the door when we get a coat or keys. Does not want us to leave without him.
  • understands routines-when we go out in the morning, refuses to come in after our morning walk, knowing I leave for work after our walk.
  • Gets up on the counter and eats food from the stove/counter (rare when we are home but frequent if we are gone). Gets int the garbage if we forget to change it/ close the door. Unable to call him off if he is intent on something (prey, food, running etc.)
  • Marks in new places (ie when we are visiting friends)
  • Moderate to severe aggression towards other dogs- usually towards larger (similar size to him or bigger) bully breeds that are darker in colour (brown, brindle, black) But can extend to other breeds like golden retrievers-in these cases he usually isn't the first aggressor, but he holds a grudge and will not back down. If the dog tries to assert dominance, he gets really aggressive. Can be (often) overly aggressive when play-fighting and causes other dog to wince or bite.
  • Food/toy aggression towards most all dogs, though not always. However, if it happens once with one dog, it continues to escalate.
  • Person/space aggression towards like-sized dogs. In particular around us or people he is attached to (my dad and one of our friends)
  • Walking with distractions -he pulls on the leash to chase
  • Off-leash recall is non-existent
  • Dashes for the door and if he escapes, he runs away and the only way we can get him is to get into the car and get him to go for a car ride with us. (Not a super huge fan of getting him to come to a moving vehicle though as he's not great with cars...)
  • Unable to call him off if he is intent on something (prey, food, running etc.)
  • When flying with him, we have been required to sedate him as he is incredibly anxious and even with sedation (Vet-prescribed Ativan) he still chewed a small hole in the crate.
  • We are most concerned about his prey drive, his anxiety and his lack of recall as these interfere with our ability to have him participate fully in our lives.

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