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"We had an absolutely wonderful training weekend with Fran and Chris . It is such a great experience to be able to learn what Trailrunners BOH our dog had been taught and be able to have the confidence to work with him moving forward. We stayed onsite at their at their 2nd farm, everything is at their facility and is top notch and very professionally administered. Fran and Chris you have an amazing business that is completely unique and very welcoming thank you for all your hospitality we will be coming back to see you to further progress both BOH and ourselves in the near future." -- "Steve and Jacquie Shore" Hitmen Canada TV


It's Remi's 6th birthday celebrated with a pheasant hunt!

Remi has brought us in touch with the Trailrunners family. Your wisdom, caring, sharing, and true friendship is cherished and appreciated! You have taught us plenty and have taught us that our dogs reflect our family leadership and bonding...and have helped us grow this focus in our family giving us strength to lead our pack! Thank you. Thank you for your care,help, natural healing ideas and support when Remi injured herself at age 2 and we were told by the so called experts she was to be put down. Well a testament to all of our perseverance together, including Remi's, this gal just put in a two day pheasant hunt for 3 family members and limited us out! Conditions were more than tough with few bird sightings, but I would put Trailrunners Remi up against any flushers out there,and would bet she would amaze them all - her nose, drive, tenacity to get under instead of over due to her size, and ability to find birds is nothing but amazing! Awesome bloodlines! To watch her work, and to see my son and brother shoot birds off her skills and abilities creates a feeling of pride that I cannot explain. Trigger had to sit this hunt out due to a bad cut on his side from a previous hunt. In the field he knows one mode - work!!! And nothing stands in his way. Diet, ongoing exercise, genetics, advice, elk velvet, lean weight and love has kept Remi going against the odds - and she will continue to do the pheasant hunts as long as her heart desires.. Even if it is only a 50 yd dash through cover...but after watching her work at her birthday party, we are hoping for many more great adventures.

Again, thanks Fran, Chris and family for your leadership, friendship and top quality family and hunting companions!!!


Thanks so much for our dog Dana! She is doing so well and is training beautifully. Her personality suits our family to a key and she has a rock solid nose! Heading to North Dakota with her Friday for some pheasant hunting! Here are some recent pictures of our pride and joy!

Hello Chris and Fran,
Jake will be turning 4 this year and is maturing nicely, He loves my Grandkids and is especially fond of my oldest Granddaughter Victoria who will soon be 14 and middle one Isabel who is autistic, he has a very gentle nature which i am sure you remember and Isabel can literally do anything she wants and Jake always stays close to her when she is around. 

Another bird season is almost wrapped. We had a slow season for geese around here but the ducks were plentiful. To be honest I prefer the ducks anyway as it is a much faster game. the upside to fewer geese is Jake spent more time figuring out upland game birds. He busted his first covey of Grey partridge and several of Sharp Tails. A wonderful new tool to keep us hunting, Jake is steady and focused, a good hunting partner! He did several spectacular retrieves in very tough scenarios one a wounded goose over about 400 yards getting bitten and beaten all the way back and more than one blind retrieve of birds in heavy underbrush. A godsend to a bunch of guys that are not getting younger and don't move so good anymore.

As usual I have included a couple of pictures of Jake for you to enjoy and hope all is well for you. Please let me know if you are thinking about the Lloydminster Trade Show would like to see you all.

Hey Chris

Pika is a pretty special dog! Most people love her! but I am sure you get that all the time......

I thought I would send you another photo of our latest adventure. My friend and I took Pika out to a pheasant release site in Alberta last week. It was our first time hunting pheasants and Pika did extremely well. Without her we would not have flushed a single bird. I harvested my first pheasant and first sharp tail. Pretty impressed with her upland ability! I am not sure I can ever go bird hunting without a dog.

Thanks again

Another great morning of duckhunting took a little longer to get our limit today, one hour, but had a great time some beautiful greenheads.  Trigger did awesome again with lots of retrieves, when you get that many birds, a great day.  -- Randy S

Our latest picture of Rook, "I did this all by myself, said Rook. He has had great hunts this fall. He is doing very well.
-- Sharon and Bill

Buster aka ghostbuster...

I just wanted to let you know what amazing dogs you have. Buster has been with us for about 1 1/2 years and he has exceeded my expectations in every way. I was looking for a dog I could take hunting and be a companion to my family. I wanted something that would work all day if need be but not be such a high strung animal that it would drive me nuts in the house. Buster has been a constant companion and a great hunting partner. We joined the Saskatoon Retriever club and and had a great time there. Buster's ability to learn and his instincts far exceeded my ability to teach him but he is always patient with me and forgives me when I get the commands wrong. He has been with us camping , hiking, fishing and is always ready to go when shar or I need a running buddy. He plays with my son and lies by my daughters feet. He is always kind and gentle to others he meets and there dogs and loves his visits to the dog park in Saskatoon. I thought I would attach some pictures to let you see how he is making out. Brit and Roary did an excellent job with their pups and when it comes time for a second dog in our lives we will definitely be giving you a call. -- Ryan White



Fran - hope all is well, and I would like to thank you again for Gauge.
He has been a great dog and the training was well worth it.








This is Randy from Melfort SK with his dog Trailrunners Trigger, fall hunt 2012

Fran and Chris,

Just giving you an update on Orion. He is doing amazing as both a hunting partner and a buddy. Last fall I took him pheasant hunting for the the first time and if I didn't know better I would be sure that you bred Lily and D...rake for just that purpose. By the end of the second day he was actually pointing and would look at me disapprovingly if he flushed a hen and I didn't shoot or if we missed a rooster.

This morning I had him out with a friend for a field shoot with a friend. We limited on both ducks and geese with Orion holding like a rock until birds started to fall and then bringing a total of 34 birds back in just over an hour.

He is an amazing waterfowl and pheasant dog as well as a great buddy. I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Thank You. Brendon Smith




“Trailrunners Charlie” went to his new home with hunting family Aimee and Cody. They write: “Hey Fran just wanted to update you on Charlie, he is doing very good and we are so happy to have him apart of our family. He goes to the vet tomorrow to get his parvo shot hopefully everything goes well. He's learning very quickly and we couldn't be more happier with him. :)





This is Trevor and Trailrunners Gauge, the pup he bought at 8 weeks old and later sent back for training. Today was debriefing day, and Trevor and Gauge were here with buddy Sheldon. .

Gauge is now rock solid on his obedience and has a few gun dog skills under his belt (or collar) at this time too.

He’s moving home to New Brunswick, that’s a lot of hours to be travelling for a young pup, but he will be having a great time we are sure. Especially when he gets home and starts some real hunting!



Hey Guys

just a brief note and picture. Jake is doing very well,he was at the vet in December and i was told he was probably one of the healthiest dogs she had seen in a while. Must be the raw food. I couldn't be happier with the choice you help me make. He is definitely my bud and far more understanding then the rest of my hunting buddies when I get excited and miss the shot. Best to you and yours.

Rob Groenen



Trailrunners Ravens Craig Jack - Son of Jetty and Bo

Pup with new owners at 8 wk old. "Jack" from Jetty and Bo's litter summer 2006

"Here is Jack's first taste of Alberta Hungarian Partridge. It was very wet. We kept the pup in the kennel & just let him listen to the shooting ( & there was lots of it as Karin is not that good a shot yet As you can see we let the dog at the birds while they were still warm. We are very happy with the pup & he is off to a good start."
Brett & Karin, Calgary Alberta.

Trailrunners Neco MJ - WC SH Son of Amo and Trigger

"Neko is a very strong dog at 17 months he weighs 88 lbs and has little fat. His sustainabliity in field is excellent. He completed two legs of his Junior Hunt test by time he was 13 months old.

At 14 months old was handling and showed good bird sense throughout the 2004 hunting season. He is a strong swimmer and shows good marking skills on water and land.

We spent time hunting upland and showed no reluctance to retrieve upland including hungarian and sharptails. Neko is going to be a good dog for hunt test as well as a gun dog."
Jim Saskatoon SK

Trailrunners Kelsea Rae - Daughter of Amo and Trigger

"Kelsea is a very energetic pup when hunting, and shows great control while in the field or at home. She has been very easy to work with. She loves to hunt and she is ready to retrieve whenever you are. She is now well seasoned with over 100 retrieves of grouse, partridge, pheasant, ducks, and geese in her first season. Kelsea has great body size with a weight of 61 pounds at 14 months. Excellent pup, Thanks."

Austin and Debbie Flaxcombe, SK



Trailrunners Lost Highwayman "Cash" Son of Amo and Red

After several years of looking for the right chocolate blood lines and countless hours on the computer, I came up with what I had searched for. So one cold afternoon in Dec of 2004 I called Fran and struck up the first of many good conversations. The deposit was sent and the wait began. In late April of 2005 I went to the Fairbanks airport to meet the new member to the family, and a bond started right there. His name would be Trailrunners Lost Highwayman "Cash". After a good summer and his first fall we collected several grouse and mallards. Due to my busy work schedule Cash would be sent out to a professional trainer for the winter and come home in the spring. Which I found to be a great asset, if you have the means. So at fourteen months Cash had his HR title in hunt tests, and was working on his finished title. All of this would not have been possible without good breeders who have the knowledge and ethics to product top notch retrievers for people who appreciate a quality dog. If you're serious about a companion dog, hunt test dog or trial dog, give Fran a call. Chris Lewellyn, North Pole, Alaska

Chris also wrote about a recent hunt:

"I went to North Dakota for Cash's big hunt! Let me tell you that boy was something to see .Hunting geese from lay out blinds in cornfields with right beside me covered in corn stalks he was a rock. Pheasant hunting was more than I could have hoped for.He was like a machine out there.He even pinned down one, retrived and returned without a shot. Not bad for his first time ever seeing any pheasant. Between retrieveing mallards in cornfields,pheasant in sunflower or 13lbs. geese in wheat, he was a sight to see.

My decision to buy a Trailrunners dog, proved to be the best decision I could have made. "Beau" is born to hunt, and "lives" to retrieve. He is a high energy and focused dog. Throw in some "kind" professional training from Fran, and we now have a well disciplined, obedient dog. He is a joy to have in our family. At one year of age, Beau had his first hunting season this fall. Wow! He was a posterdog for how to retrieve, from the very first shot. Fran did an outstanding job in training him. We could not be more satisfied with our choice of a Trailrunners Lab.
Murray Rogers


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