Retired Trailrunners:

Trailrunners Lily Belle CD WC JH

Lily Belle whelped many excellent detection dogs. A cancer detection dog called Gracie, Sully a cadaver dog for Calgary City Police, Callie & Tech for a detection company and more. She has now gone to live with Fred & Bette and her bloodlines will continue through Glide & Glory.

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Trailrunners Outback Brumby JH WC CD

Brumby is now living and working in BC with a gentleman in his 80’s, who takes her on regular visits to hospital and seniors residence.  She is a stellar example of loyalty, obedience, and also gets some fun with retrieves daily, (which she lives for) and even hunts occasionally! Brumby is a joy and inspiration to many.

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Trailrunners Birdie Brune WC JH CD

Brune (Dease’s Mom) now resides with a senior couple in Shellbrook SK.  She is a wonderful companion who livens up each day with her presence and friendship


Brune is an active and energetic retriever who does not know the meaning of the word quit... when it is work time. But, when it is time to come into the house, she knows how to hang out and relax. She also is very devoted Mom. She is a Certified Therapy Dog and loves to be petted.

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Trailrunners Raven CD WC

Raven was living with an elderly man in Big River,  he had been lonely after losing his own dog of many years, and Raven became his best friend and constant companion. The gentleman whom Raven was living with passed away this spring (2015) with Raven at his side.  He was found in his chair with his hand resting in the place where she was laying.  She alerted his passing with barking.  Raven now lives with the son of this man.

Raven is a very obedient dog who is working on her CDX obedience title.

Sire: WC Clubmead Texas T

Grand Sire: FC AFC FTCH AFTCH AFTCH DBS Cracker of Clubmead. This dog was a finalist in the 2000 US National Field Trial Championship. He had an open, and amateur second, in the US all before he turned 2 1/2 years old.

Great-Grand Sire: NAFC/FC/CNAFC Ebonstar's Lean Mac - Sire of the 1999 CNFC 2X National Amateur Field Champion '95 & '00 2X Canadian National Amt. Champion '98 & '99 - Finalist in 13 Nationals

Raven is also a FT/AFTCH Pachanga Magnum Force and FTCH Big Valley’s Costa-Lot Shaddow descendant

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