When and Colonel puppies arrived Dec 8, 2019

3 yellow female pups, 3 chocolate male pups, 2 black male pups, 2 black females

These pups will take the very calm, relaxed, intelligent characteristics of When, as well as have Colonel’s fun loving, gentle temperament. These pups will be well balanced, very trainable, able to serve others well as companions, service dogs, and excellent calm hunting dogs.

Trailrunners Remember WHEN MH WCX

Working Certificate Excellent WCX
Master Hunt Title MH



OFA - Excellent Hips, EIC–Clear, CERF eyes clear

“When” is a black 80 pound strong female, with long legs to carry big geese or packs.

"When" attained her Working Certificate Excellent title and Master Hunt Title and qualified for the Nationals (then went into heat & couldn’t run. That is why very few breeding females attain their Master title.

She is VERY CALM, trainable, focussed and able to work well with her handler. This has enabled her to reach such a high level. Her pups will have these traits as well..



Trailrunners Colonel of Corn WC JH

Working Certificate  WC  and Junior Hunt Title JH


OFA - Excellent Hips, EIC -Clear  ,  CERF eyes clear

Colonel is a beautiful 75 lb yellow lab who loves to please. He enjoys hunting and easily passed his WC (Working Certificate) and JH (Junior Hunt) titles.
He has worked at Trade shows where he has been surrounded by and touched by many strangers, and enjoys living in his home most of the year with his cat and his humans, Pete and Jacqui

Colonel is a pup from Lee and Brit, Grandsire is Roary.




Just born, all 3 colors, black, yellow, and chocolates

Tired Momma When

Look how we have grown, split shift at meal time

Relaxed Mom, relaxed pups


Look closely, our eyes and ears are just opening


3 weeks, we are BIG puppies


4 weeks old, we can drink on our own and now can poop without Momma. That’s what newspapers are for.


Look out, we are learning to climb up and over.


We are on the move now, acting like little dogs.


We are learning to wait patiently while our rooms are  cleaned

Puppy Pictures – to be updated weekly


A $250 deposit is taken to hold a pup. Pups will have dew claws removed, be dewormed, and have first vaccinations, but most importantly are born in our home where their room is cleaned 2 times a day, teaching them to be clean, well socialized dogs.

You will be asked to make a "wishlist" as to what you are looking for in a pup and we will pick one out for you that will best meet your needs. THEN all the new families arrive for “puppy pick up day” where you meet the parents, see where the pups were born and cared for, learn how to feed them so they live a long life, groom them, and then watch the parents work. You will be given a 20 plus page booklet and LOTS more information.

Call 306-469-8009 or 1 866 939 8009 to find out about joining the Trailrunners family.


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We train ALL BREEDS for all issues including aggression, anxiety, "hyperness", and general disobedience.

Your dog gets expert training, and once the training is complete, we then teach the dog owner how to handle their "new" highly trained dog.

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Trailrunners labs are bred to be the best, and will go to the best of homes. So we give them the very best right from the start.

Contact us to discuss becoming an owner of a Trailrunners pup or dog. We take deposits to hold pups.

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